eternal dawn arts


Eternal Dawn Arts is the manifestation of Jessica Keeling being a thoroughly rad human being and just shining her bright sparkly light all over the damn place. 

Her performances are informed by her experience with Professional Ballet & Contemporary Dance, Aerial arts, Poi & Fire Staff, Contact Improv, Guided Prayer, Sacred Geometry, Musical Theatre, Circus & Creature Performance. 

Work together to create a custom performance for your event, ceremony or SOMETHING ELSE, from Salsa, Tango, and Swing to Pointe work and Adage, from Tap and Hoofing to Popping, Locking & Hiphop. SHE'S MAGIC & DOES IT ALLLLLL.

Her truly unique workshops incorporate principals from her diverse training in Reiki, Holotropic breathwork, Qi Gong, Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance,  Pilates, Yoga, Contact Improv, Thai Massage, Acro Yoga, Clowning, Voice, Meditation, Guided Movement Meditation, Percussion

Live Music Available. 

Her one-on-one and group session are a deeply transformative experience.